Back To Blue

All my life
Been fallin' into love I thought was true
I'm not wise
I'm easy to be played for a fool
Dreams don't die
Bitter hearts left lonely sometimes do
I can't lie
I've broke a heart a time or two
For that I'm sorry
I didn't have a clue
Spread the news


I'm back to blue
It's nothin' new
It's the same old story I've grown used to
Never knew
How it feels
To hold someone who's gonna hold on too
The only thing in this life that I can count on
Is back to blue

Starry eyes
Never could see past the good in you
Grand disguise
You seemed so different
From my point of view
Some surprise
To find you're not the girl
I thought I knew
It's not right
You can't get back the love you lose
Why start all over
Find somebody new
It's no use


I've lost the best of me
I've found my destiny